What is the pool remodeling process? 

A pool adds great value to your property and with proper care and monthly pool maintenance, you’ll be reaping the benefits for years to come. Unfortunately, pools are prone to damage over time due to sheer negligence and the ever-changing weather conditions. Besides, old pools require modernization as they go out of style or suffer from broken tiles and even cracks.

All that your pool may need is a new, fresh look. Sol Pacific Pools has exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to pool remodeling in San Diego and pool renovation. Our dedication towards our work speaks for itself and continues to prove that we are the best swimming pool remodeling company in San Diego.

Our skilled professionals help you with everything that’s needed to enhance your pool’s aesthetic by giving you ideas and learning about your visual goals. We provide unmatched quality when it comes to offering pool remodeling services for your home and commercial swimming pools. 

We constantly stay in touch with you and address all your concerns to make sure that the remodeling process is smooth and stress-free. To give you a clear picture of how we operate, here’s a rundown of one of our swimming pool remodeling services from last month:

  • We commence our pool remodeling process by visiting the site to understand the existing condition of the pool and its surroundings. After proper inspection and learning more about the requirements, our skilled designers presented the client with various design concepts, plastering, PebbleTec, and tile options.
  • Depending on the client’s budget and the scale of the project, we set up a step-by-step plan and began the remodeling process.  
  • The very first step was to drain out the swimming pool completely.  Once the pool was empty, we began chipping out the old surfaces like the plaster, tiles, and the deck(as per the requirement). The pool is now ready for the upgrade..
  • Next, we expertly put the tile & coping in place. Lastly, the pool was plastered by our team of professionals.
  • Upon the completion of pool remodeling, we washed and cleaned up all the debris and dirt accumulated during the process. Once this was done, we fill up the pool with water, add the chemicals and check the systems installed to ensure they are functioning properly post pool remodeling.

Whether it’s a new pool installation, a service call, or a major pool repair, or remodeling, Sol Pacific Pools values its commitments by showing up and delivering the job as promised. We take care of all your needs and provide clear communication at every step of the process.

Sol Pacific Pools is one of the best pool remodeling service providers in California and we intend to remain the same by surpassing customer expectations in terms of both results as well as customer service. Our company is built on the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We firmly believe that a satisfied customer is the only fair outcome of a pool project. 

Have pool remodeling plans in your mind? Let us get started on your pool remodeling project right away. 

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