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Top-5 Amazing Indoor Swimming pool design ideas

If you’re struggling to find some great design ideas for your indoor swimming pool, look no further than these concepts that will leave you awestruck and inspired:

Figure-8 shape

The shape of your pool is one of the important design factors you simply cannot ignore.  Most people today are eschewing square and rectangular indoor pools, as they’re perceived as boring. However, the figure 8 shaped swimming pool design is in demand because it screams luxury. You’ll love the angles and beautiful cutouts which are ideal for family and friends to enjoy. 

Glass design

This design offers the perfect blend of form and function. Windows and roofs not only let you enjoy the breathtaking scenery but also means you can swim in the presence of sunlight and take in the sights and sounds of your backyard. This type of pool design brings in ample natural light and creates a vibe that gives you the feel of a glasshouse. Such transparent pool designs allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. 


Do you have a fondness for indoor lighting and swimming? Why not combine them and turn it into a fabulous indoor swimming pool design?  When it comes to indoor pools, proper lighting can make or break the aesthetic. Designing an indoor pool with different layers of lighting will not only complement the theme, but also create the right ambiance for a relaxing swim.


Some homeowners are enticed by the idea of building an alternate world inside their house. The design of such ornate indoor pools depends on your preference and the space available. You can use a few exotic plants, a lovely fountain and the right lighting to design a tropical getaway that feels intimate. You can also add a waterfall feature set among a backdrop of natural rocks if you have space and resources.


While some are drawn to an indoor pool design that creates a tropical escape, others prefer one that intensifies the appeal of their contemporary home. This multidimensional design visually connects your indoor pool to your living or dining area. This lets the indoor pool play off the features of the rest of the house for a sophisticated look. 

Indoor pool design is not just about designing the pool itself. Make sure that the design of the deck, floorings, and walls need to be coherent and must look like a natural extension of the adjacent spaces. 

Get the design right and you have a perfect addition that is bound to add great value and elevated touch to your home

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