We dedicate ourselves to pool remodeling

Dreaming of a remodeled pool, spa and backyard? We’ll assist you produce the oasis you’ve continually wished. The most expensive part of the pool is building that initial base, and that’s because of all the raw materials it takes to do so. With a simple renovation usually all we need to do is go in and update the plumbing to a new system. And then all we do is add on all the new features that you would like to have. Pool remodeling is an extensive process, the goal of which is to completely transform your pool from its old. We need to rework your grounds into that pristine and thrilling style you have notional. We soundly believe that a glad happy client is that the solely acceptable conclusion to a pool project.

We live in San Diego and a pool is a wonderful amenity to have in your backyard. The fact is that depending on the age of the pool, a little updating and remodeling may be in need. And for that updating and remodeling we are here Sol Pacific Pool Plastering INC. A Pool Plastering company whose main concern is to provide quality product to the company. At Sol Pacific we offer Pebble Tec which there is only one other plastering company in Southern California who are certified to sell. We stand behind our products, we don’t run away from issues.

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Devoted to heavenly pool plastering

When we think about Plastering for any pools than it is the main part of the pool because it is what you see every time you look at your swimming pool, your pool’s interior plaster finish is essential to both the beauty and integrity of your aquatic retreat. Not only for aesthetic purpose but for the overall longevity and durability pool plastering in good condition is essential. Smooth plaster coating throughout the interior plays a vital role because it prevents water from leaking through into and potentially damaging the concrete and other building materials that comprise the pool’s structural shell. Pool plastering can be of different colors whether white, blue, grey or with quartz or pebbles blended into it, plaster makes the pool’s interior visually appealing and attractive. It is the most visible elements of your pool, and it can affect the appearance of the water color and how the water glistens in the sunlight. Even  in a well-maintained pool, after a particular time plaster shows signs of degradation and that is perfectly normal. And for the best plastering services in Sol-Pacific is always available. We have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry and always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

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We dedicate ourselves to landscape architecture

After the swimming pool is complete, there is a final element that is essential to link everything together and that is the design of the pool landscape. Pool landscaping is its own craft and needs a skilled and knowledgeable landscape designer to understand the best plant specimens for your concrete pool. A pool landscape design is used to link your concrete pool with style and architecture.

Landscaping is used to blend your entire property seamlessly, creating texture and serving the whole area. Our landscape architects are real experts in their business. We have extensive knowledge and experience in pool remodeling, pool plastering, commercial remodeling, pool landscape architecture, detailed construction and more. We know how to approach your vision and make your dreams come alive and walk through every step of the way. By combining our technical and artistic talents, we can create impressively and well thought out designs.

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It’s the commercial remodel of your dreams

Sol-Pacific is not only limited to domestic remodeling but it also does work on commercial level. When someone thought of commercial remodeling iof pool, the dreams are endless. But not to worry because Sol-Pacific is here with all the domestic as well as commercial solution for pools. We can turn your dreams into reality. Sol-pacific will go step by step with you throughout your project.

We look at your property and space first. We then come up with a plan for your customers ‘ pool and spa goals to look and feel the best. Our custom team creates your dream pool and spa. Our team will construct a pool and spa that’s unique, elegant, and remember-able. We also offer Pebble Tec which there is only 1 other plastering company in Southern California who are certified to sell. We always stand behind our products.

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We promise sensational residential remodel

Since Sol-Pacific offers pool services in all aspects. It also provides residential pool renovation services, as it has 35 years of experience and Pebble Tec certification. Owned and operated locally. Insured and licensed. Sol Pacific Pool Plastering offers San Diego and Imperial counties first-class residential pool and spa remodels. We are a certified renovation company for swimming pools. In combination with professional craftsmanship, we use the highest quality products to exceed the needs of our customers ‘ pool remodeling. We also guarantee products and services and each product is guaranteed differently, but our standard is 5 years.

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The trusted source for everything monthly pool cleaning

Sol-Pacific understands how important it is to hire a reputable, reliable company. We offer services in all aspects of the pools. As important pool remodeling and plastering, pool cleaning also weighs the same, as cleaning is an important part. This service is also provided on a monthly basis by Sol-Pacific. Our service charges include chemicals, vacuum, equipment control, water testing and filter cleaning. We never ask to sign a monthly pool service contract. We trust that you will be happy with our results or that you can cancel the service at any time.

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