How to plan your backyard with great landscape architects and with low pool maintenance and cost in mind.

Landscape architects

Do you have your sights set on adding a beautiful swimming pool to your backyard but are unsure about the best way to design it? Beyond the aesthetic, you might be concerned about maintenance. Don’t worry, we have some ideas. In general, you can reduce your pool maintenance costs by hiring landscape architects who keep conservation and low upkeep in mind.

Landscape architects

Having just a swimming pool is not enough for your backyard to look and feel unique. It is essential that all elements of your paradise flow which are why designing with the landscape in mind is critical. The pool is the main attraction, of course, and drives the way landscape architects to develop the style and architecture for both form and function.

Landscape architects can create a perfect breathtaking design within a limited budget and low maintenance costs while using plants and stone. However, it’s not an easy task to find a professional who can deliver on all fronts. However. We are Sol Pacific Pools, and are up to the challenge. Our work is proof that you can have both design and affordability. We will work within your budget to create a stunning backyard paradise. 

Since landscaping changes the entire look of the backyard by creating texture and a focal point, this indirectly contributes to the maintenance of the pool. To maintain the swimming pool longer, it’s necessary to pay attention to both structure and design. Want to know how architecture designs and landscape architects reduce the cost of pool maintenance? Here are a few examples: 


Landscaping plays a major role in the overall design. If done properly, you can extend the life of your pool with low maintenance costs. Having the right materials and tiles makes a big difference. Sol Pacific is one of the only pool remodeling and plastering companies that works with PebbleTec. 


When it comes to design, you get to decide which visual elements you’d like to showcase in your swimming pool and backyard. Landscape architects can assist you in identifying the lighting that best suits your pool needs while also reducing the extra cost of unnecessary power sources. With dim lighting, you can add extra features such as a darker theme to promote evening relaxation.  


Taking into account the size of your backyard, you can turn your empty rough space into a beautiful paradise. Choose your own design from several options — you can even mix traditional art with modern to give it an entirely new look.

The shape and design of the swimming pool

Before hiring any landscape architects to begin the work, focus on the pool’s design and structure. It’s best to start the process sooner than later to help the different teams understand your pool goals. The landscaping around the swimming pool enhances its charm in the backyard without creating any mess. Privacy, safety, and beauty should also be top of mind.

The material used for the pool deck

Whether you want an in-ground or above-ground pool, you can design it free-hand on graph paper to start. This will help you estimate the cost and ideal type of material.  Pebble Tec is top of the line in the industry, but there are many other tile options.

Type of water flow 

Pool maintenance also includes the type of waterfall you want to pull into your design. There are various types of waterfalls like an in-ground waterfall, slider, fountain, or a mountain waterfall. This directly affects the pool design and maintenance. Think durability as well as aesthetics.

In short, designing your backyard landscape is an exciting and rewarding endeavor, especially when you get all the features you want. Contact the experts at Sol Pacific Pools for pool landscaping advice and guidance to get the full maintenance package and visual appeal. 

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