How much does an Inground Pool Cost?

The average cost to install an inground pool is $85,000 with most homeowners spending between $70,000 and $165,000. 

Installing an inground pool can be a sure way to increase the value of your property and get yourself a relaxing spot to spend the warm weather months. 

Though installing an inground pool is a major purchase, it is worth all the investment. It is a dream for many to build a backyard deck with a lavish pool. Getting one built can be an expensive affair, which is why you need to choose a trustworthy San Diego Pool builder

While pools above the ground are easier on the pocket, inground pools are regarded as aesthetically appealing and can bring your backyard to life. 

Looking down on a nice backyard with a pool surrounded by pool tiles.

Moreover, an inground pool allows you to customize the pool layout and functionality based on your needs. When you consider building an inground swimming pool in San Diego, California, the first question that comes to mind is: 

How much does it cost to install an inground swimming pool in San Diego? 

Well, there are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of a pool installation which you need to consider before you commit to a decision. 

If you are trying to figure out what you might end up spending, the factors below will help lead you in the right direction.

Factors that affect Inground Pool Costs

There is no universal answer when it comes to inground pool costs as each pool is modified based on your preferences and needs. 

Yet, there are a whole lot of factors that will have an impact on the final cost which you can have some control on:

  1. The Type of Pool

There are three different types of inground pool choices available and the cost of building them varies significantly. They are as follows:

  • Vinyl Pool: Vinyl inground swimming pools are one of the most cost-effective options and the least expensive type of pool. It can be easily customized in any shape and size you want which will affect the final price of construction. Though they are budget-friendly when it comes to installation you will have to replace the liners frequently which will add up to the maintenance cost.
  • Fiberglass pool: The initial cost of a fiberglass inground pools typically costs more than a vinyl pool, but when it comes to their maintenance cost it is the most inexpensive. Fiberglass pools are durable, take very less time to install and provide you with luxury features found in any high-end pool. They are very easy to maintain and uses fewer chemicals, as a result, their maintenance cost is the lowest.
  • Concrete pool: If you are running on a high budget, concrete pools are the most long-standing structures and offer great value for your investment. There are nearly no limitations when it comes to a concrete pool as they are completely customizable. Concrete pools are typically the most expensive option for pool buyers in terms of both initial as well as long term costs. They have a higher maintenance cost as its rough surface allows easy growth of algae which requires frequent acid washes to keep them clean, but they are extremely durable and have some amazing finishes available to choose from including PebbleTec and tiles. 
  1. The Size and Depth of the Swimming Pool

The most obvious factor that will increase the cost of your inground pool is its size. The wider the size of the pool, the more material is required which adds to the overall cost. If you prefer a deep pool, even the soil digging will increase the excavation cost of building the pool. Thus this is one of the biggest factors to consider regardless of the material being used. 

   3. Additional Features Cost

You can accessorize your inground pool in many ways which include adding LED lights, heaters, pebble tec, other water features, and aesthetics. There are plenty of options and the more features you want higher the cost you will have to pay. While some costs are essential such as cleaning and maintenance, if you are looking to cut costs, then you can limit the installation of the additional features and swimming pool accessories.

  1. The Quality of Construction

The quality of pool construction usually depends on the types of materials used and the expertise of the worker. The more proficient San Diego pool builder you choose the better pool you will get. The end result is a true home improvement that will look great, function well, and will last longer. Hiring an expert pool company such as Sol Pacific Pool Plastering will be worth the investment since the pool will be built to perfection and saved from frequent repair costs.

Adding it all up – The Cost of Inground Swimming Pool: 

Now that you know the factors that can influence the cost, an inground pool on an average can cost $50 – $125 per square foot regardless of the choices you make. It will be one of your biggest investments, as a result, you will have to make decisions wisely. The best way to discover how much an inground pool will cost you, you will have to discuss it with a professional pool consultant. They will give you the best options based on your preferences and give you an estimate that will help you decide further. 

According to, “The average cost to install an inground pool is $35,000 with most homeowners spending between $28,000 and $55,000,” but will vary from pool to pool. 

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