Best Commercial Pool Remodeling Services

commercial pool remodeling services

commercial pool remodeling services

In San Diego, Orange County, and Palm Springs, there is nothing better than Gardner Outdoor and pool remodeling for an exceptional start-to-finish pool remodeling experience. More than 42,000 people of Southern California chose a Gardner Remodeling to turn their outdoor swimming pool and living space into a brand new outdoor oasis for almost five decades. Sol Pacific Pools is the best commercial pool remodeling services in Southern California who has successfully built more than 500 gardener outdoor spaces into the outdoor swimming pool and living spaces.

Let’s fix an appointment with the sol expert to discuss to turn your gardener outdoor space into beautiful and peaceful outdoor swimming pool and living space.

Sol Pacific offers a provision of controllable authority in:


Swimming pool plastering:

Provide exemplary look with new, upgraded marble and tile.


Swimming pool renovations:

Choose a variety of renovated and smooth completions. Mainly use glass globules and quartz and select the pool pieces to complete your design that makes your updated pool shine with shading, radiance and moreover the structure.


Pool Tile:

Provide idea tiles to waterline, trim and add some sizzle to the pool to provide good services.


Pool Decking and hardscaping:

Provide more service at the entrance by using decorative decking and other hardscaping around the pool


Pool Resurfacing:

Provide services to the business person to take full care by providing cost and time frame.


Pool services for the maintenance include monthly pool service and repair, pool remodeling, pool heater repair and much more so that more customers can attract through your services and they can bring more people.


By using the best commercial pool remodeling services you can get nice and pleasant swimming pool outside your garden area.

Main Pool Services provided in California are:

  • Monthly Pool Cleaning Services
  • Pool Plastering
  • Pool Remodeling
  • Certified PebbleTec applicator
  • Commercial Pool Remodel
  • Residential Pool Remodel

These services have a proven track record from hundreds of satisfied customers. We enjoy helping with your commercial pool renovation or residential pool remodeling project.


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Commercial pool renovations or repairs that are needed may include things such as:

  • Tile repair and installation
  • Installation of racing lanes
  • Decking replacement or resurfacing
  • Water heater testing
  • Preparation for plaster
  • Filtration system and plumbing testing
  • Remodeling services
  • Leak detection
  • Full system and plumbing testing

Depending on the age and quality of your commercial pool and the level and quality of maintenance done to the pool over the years, your commercial pool might only require minor repairs. Similarly other times it may be necessary to consider a full pool renovation or remodel.

therefore, you can now easily convert your outdoor garden area into best living space and outdoor swimming pool by using best commercial pool remodeling services in Southern California.

Several things to consider when working with a commercial swimming pool to provide more good services as:

ADA compliance: – to make sure their pool lifts for people with disabilities.

High tech filtration systems should be installed and maintained, in order to make sure that the water is safe for the public to swim in

Specific materials should be used for the pool decking in order to keep the pool area as safe as possible and to prevent people from slipping we can help with all aspects of renovating and maintaining your commercial swimming pool.

The most important thing is the monthly service plan:

  • To maintain a clean, sparkling pool all of the time
  • To keep repairs in order on a regular basis
  • Help keep down bacteria and harmful germs in the pool
  • Keep your pool pump running very smoothly

Moreover, Sol Pacific Pools is the best commercial pool remodeling services in Southern California. who work for a residential pool remodel and commercial pool remodels in Southern California in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

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