Visually Appealing & Affordable Pool Plastering Services in San Diego

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Nothing compares to enjoying the fruits of your investment. A swimming pool in your backyard can mean a whole new level of fun and relaxation. But there’s more to the experience than the pool itself. Your backyard can be an oasis and offer stress relief and bring the family closer together. Take your ideal backyard from a concept to reality with affordable pool replastering services by Sol Pacific Pool Plastering, Inc.  


It all starts with comfort. Unless and until your backyard and pool are comfortable, you won’t derive the full benefit. The solution? Pool replastering helps to restructure and renovate the swimming pool so you can enjoy it to the fullest extent. From here, we focus on the details. Features like rockscape and plants can turn your backyard into a true paradise. We can also recommend a landscape architect to take your backyard space to the next level. Ever thought of a gas fire bowl or even a mini fire bowl for the table? Check out Cove Water & Fire for the best tabletop fire bowls


Pool plastering is important for your pool interior to maintain its beauty, integrity, and enhance your aquatic retreat. Smooth plaster coating throughout the interior plays a vital role because it prevents water from leaking into it and potentially damaging the concrete and other building materials that comprise the pool’s structural shell. When it comes to pool replastering, you have your choice of different colors, whether white, blue, grey, or with quartz or pebbles blended into it. Regardless of specifics, plaster makes the pool’s interior visually appealing and attractive. It’s the most visible element of your pool, and it can affect the appearance of the watercolor and how the water appears in the sunlight.


Sounds appealing? Get your pool replastered with one of our amazing Pebble Tec or design options. Choose your favorite design and/or tile pattern to make your backyard the destination for family fun. friends, and memories. In addition, you might consider one or several of the following backyard features:


New tile installed: The aesthetic elements are what make a backyard beautiful. The installation of new tiles can add to the effect. Know that Sol Pacific is the only certified Pebble Tec Installer in San Diego.

 Custom stone: Here’s your chance to get the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamt of. We can translate your vision to reality with pool replastering services. Whether you want a “sleek & modern” or “clean, contemporary” style, we’re equally up to the challenge.

Make your pool deck an outdoor destination: A swimming pool is no doubt a source of entertainment and relaxation. Enhance its appearance with beautiful designs that capture attention. A quality deck means you can enjoy fun in the sun. 

Pool pavers: Pool pavers provide the surrounding pool with additional charm and function, helping you to achieve the perfect look as well as to increase poolside safety for your kids and friends. Many pavers feature a textured surface, achieving a non-slip and skid-free surface in both wet and dry conditions which is why we recommend pool pavers as a great option.

Let us design the outdoor oasis of your dreams. We invite you to learn more by contacting Sol Pacific to get the best pool replastering services in San Diego.

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